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Careers / Recruitment process

The recruiting process consists of three rounds in which we will learn more about your skills, background and personality and in which you will get a chance to learn more about Arthur D. Little, its people and culture.

After a careful selection on the basis of your cover letter, curriculum vitae and academic results, you will be invited for the first round. During an interview with a member of our core recruiting team, we will learn more about your background, experience and motivation. The interview also includes a first business case to learn more about your problem-solving and analytical capabilities.

During the second round of interviews, we will further assess your analytical skills and business sense, based on a discussion of several cases. In order to learn more about your skills and self-confidence, you will also be asked to analyse a case study and present your findings in English.

In the third round of interviews, you will meet extensively with several partners of Arthur D. Little Benelux. In addition, we will test your insight in business related issues. If you so desire, you also have the opportunity to meet informally with potential future colleagues after this third round.